miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

Reading exercise Champions 1

I´m sitting on the beach, eating an icecream, Alice and
Paul are swimming in the sea and Tom is in the park.
He´s playing with a friend. Peter is listening to the radio
and reading.
We´re having a fantastic holiday. Abercwm is a little
fishing village in north Wales with a park, a castle,some
Roman remains and some lovely gardens, and theres a little
fishing port with a lighthouse. Everybody here is really
friendly. I think we´re lucky. This is our second holiday
this year and we´re doing just what we want to do:sleeping
eating and playing games. The food is lovely too.
remains= ruinas
fishing village= pueblito pesquero
lighthouse= faro
lucky= con suerte

1) What´s the author of the text doing?
2) What are Alice and Paul doing?
3) What is Peter doing?
4) Where´s Tom?
5) Where´s Abercwm?